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After public outcry, women whose video went viral got arrested on Tuesday for contradicting the conservative dress code of Saudi Arabia. The video, where a women walking around a historic fort wearing a Mini Skirt and crop top in Saudi Arabia went viral with enormous views over the past few days.

On violating the country’s conservative dress code, the women got arrested on Tuesday by the police. The women name was not taken and taken her in to charge for wearing “Immodest clothes” by the police in the capital ‘Riyadh’. The video was shot in a desert region of Najd village where the women walks around the desert. The village is noted for forming Saudi’s most conservative tribes and families.

Saudi writer Waheed al-Ghamdi took to twitter that the women violated Saudi laws but her actions did not harm others. “I am simply questioning the lack of priorities regarding anger and alarm expressed over human rights violations and oppression versus the harmless personal choices of others,” he wrote.

Saudi Arabia grants permission girls to play sports in Public Schools

Based on the official Twitter account of state-run TV channel al-Ekhbariya, the woman has now been arrested and police have assigned her case to the public prosecutor.

The video was spread widely across all social media platforms by both the supporting and opposing parties. Some people raising support for the women while other criticising her for disobeying Saudi rules. All women living in the Kingdom, Including foreigners should wear long, loose robes which are known as Abayas in public. Most of the Saudi women wear a headscarf to cover their hair and veil to cover the face.

While reporting the case, Saudi news channels blurred out the women’s bare legs and midriff.Some women defending the girl in the video posted and image of IVanka Trumps’s face on the Saudi women body, tweeting “Enough already, the situation has been solved.”

The government of Saudi Arabia announced last week girls would be allowed for the first time to play sports in public schools. They also have access to physical education classes. Despite these moves by Saudi Arabia to modernization, strict gender segregation rules and other restrictions on women remain same.


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