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A woman damaged her kidneys by selling her eggs to make money. She sold her eggs to earn money and realised that her kidneys got damaged. Twenty-four years old Nikki, a resident of Bapunagar, Ahmedabad is a home guard with the police department started sold her eggs to earn money. Days later, Nikki got to know, both her kidneys are damaged.

One day, Nikki came in contact with a group of four women who told her she could earn Rs 15,000 by donating her eggs. Six months ago, these women called Nikki to Ojas hospital in Rakhiyal. They introduced her to doctor Piyush Patel and doctor Nishar.

All she wanted was to earn money by selling her eggs. She agreed for donation and later underwent few tests. The doctors took her to Bhopal where she donated her eggs. However, the process affected her health. Later, Nikki was brought back to Ahmedabad and given medicines.

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Three months later, Nikki again donated her eggs. But little did she know, she would end up with the damaged kidney in the process. The doctors gave her some injections, but she didn’t recover. Nikki got admitted in Zydus hospital in Ahmedabad. Nikki came to know both her kidneys had failed. She is under the Kidney treatment in the civil hospital.

Nikki filed a case against the two doctors and four women with the Bapunagar police. Police Inspector V J Jadeja said, “We have started our investigation into her application.”

These days, egg donation is looked as a means of making bucks or as an option at the hour of crisis. In the world of egg donors, the dangers are real; from nausea and kidney failure to even death. According to the reports, up to 30% of the donors experience some form of health complications varying degrees of OHS, a medical condition which in extreme cases can lead to death.

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