The widely anticipated major update to iPad Pro is just around the corner as the same has been confirmed by Ming-Chi Kuo, a reliable Apple analyst. He said that the work is on, on two different models of iPad Pro that have design inspirations taken from iPhone X. The new models are expected to measure 11 and 12.9-inches.

Though the coming of two new models is confirmed, the speculation is still on about the design of the new hardware. It is also a wild guess as of now if the models will be unveiled in iPhone XS event that is due next week or if they will come only by the year end.

People are always keen to know what new features or looks Apple is planning for its upcoming models. To satisfy this curiosity of the people, things keep coming up on the internet. Some of such renders depict that the new look of the upcoming iPad models will be based on the latest schematics. It suggests that the curved chamfered edges that were present in iPads will now be replaced by squared-off flat sides.

There is also high speculation of the new iPad getting iPhone-style antenna lines. So far, there’s a single antenna line in the current iPad Pro models starting inset from the left side and ending to the right after extending downwards.

The newer model can have this changed with the antenna lines running on the top and bottom of it and tracing the edge of the chassis. This is similar to what we are used to seeing in the iPhone lineup. The SIM tray is also expected to move to the middle of the side of the new iPad.

The new tablet will also have ultra-thin bezels, but they will still be wide enough to accommodate the front camera and Face ID sensors without requiring a notch. It is, however, still unconfirmed if the Face ID recognition will be available in both orientations or if it will be limited to the landscape mode only.

To find out what the new iPad actually contains, we will have to wait until it is unveiled.


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