Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia has unveiled a website to counter spreading of fake news. The website brings a community of volunteers and a group of journalists and supports for producing new articles. The new website named Wikitribune will be available for free to access and doesn’t carry any advertising.

The accuracy of news reports can be verified easily as the source material of the news will be published. As an alternative for generating revenue, the website is relying on its readers to fund it. “The news is broken, but we’ve figured out how to fix it,” said Wales, in a promotional video on the website’s homepage.

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The main reason behind the propagation of online fake news is to generate profits or for political benefits. This has become a major topic for debate even in many developed countries like the US. Wales argues in his video that people expect to avail news for free on the web. However, news sites rely on advertisements for money which leads to catchy stuff to attract viewers.

“This is a problem because ads are cheap, competition for clicks is fierce, and low-quality news sources are everywhere,” said Wales. He also claims that social media networks designs are focusing on displaying what users wanted to see.

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Even Facebook is criticized for not taking move up to the extent for preventing fake news. Recently, the social media giant has also announced new tools to tackle the issue. Wales said that Wikitribune is standards-based and professional journalism. “The radical idea from the world of wiki that a community of volunteers can and will reliably protect the integrity of information,” he added.

The Wikitribune homepage notes that the platform would go live in 28 days. Also, it indicates that the intention was to hire 10 journalists who haven’t been hired so far.

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