WhatsApp Business app

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular instant messaging service. Over a 1 billion active users use the WA to stay connected with friends and family. WhatsApp Business App is all set for launch soon to communicate with its customers, particularly in Asia. Facebook has been working on WhatsApp Standalone Business App from the past few months and finally it is ready to launch the application soon.

While coming to the identification of the valid Business Account, WhatsApp will check the details on its level first and later verify the profile. WhatsApp wrote in its FAQ that, you can check which type of account your contacts profile is using while chatting. You will be awarded a green checkmark badge if your account is verified, in this way you can easily identify a verified Business account to a non-verified account.

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If any business account has a grey question mark badge in their profile, it means that the account is not considered as verified by WhatsApp. A Grey Question Mark Badge means that WhatsApp has identified the phone number of this profile has matched with the Business organisation, and the person is using WhatsApp Standalone Business App. This app is different from regular WhatsApp; even the logo has been changed to letter ‘B’ instead of Calling symbol inside the conversation green bubble.

The app comes with interesting features like creating a business profile, auto-responses, chat migration, and analytics. The app looks the same way as WhatsApp after downloading; the only difference you can see is its title bar that says WhatsApp Business.

On the other hand, popular Photo sharing platform Instagram is working hard to launch “Direct”- A Standalone App for private messages. The inbox option will disappear in the app after you install the Instagram App, which can be accessed in Direct. Instagram testing Standalone Direct Messaging App feature will be available for Android and iOS users. Currently, they are planning to launch the app in 6 countries including Italy, Israel, Chile, Turkey, Portugal, and Uruguay.

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