Rocket League
Rocket League

An open’ world game was always more than just a virtual football match. It was a smart and creative new strategy.
The success of this game, among thousands with a similar plot, is unbelievable.
The main designer of the game Corey Davis, from a Psyonix, answered the questions of gamers, admitting the great attention of media and help of PlayStation Plus as the main reasons of the long life for Rocket League.
While the Rocket League remains very popular, its rival, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars has lost the audience and did not manage the PS4 title. However, these games have the same conception.
Corey Davis thinks that main difference between these two games was in promotion. Rocket League received an attention of gamers through Twitch and Reddit. People spoke about it.
He assures that Reddit was a huge step for the company. As far as PS4 picked up the game on its beta version, it brought a huge attention. According to Davis, they have a great start with this game.
Another important obstacle was the price of the game. It was free to all Sony’s network subscribers. He still doesn’t know if it is a good choice for other games, but it helped their game to win the audience.
The PS Plus helped them to gain new scores, and to receive more gamers.
Davis noted that these two games are not completely the same. Rocket Football is not another simple car football game. It has the revolutionary formula of success.
He confessed that it was a lot of failed versions before they created Rocket League.
They spent hundreds of hours to fix the fast work of this game.
Psyonix moved further from the title of “Battle-Cars” second part and developed an open world spin-off to the Battle-Cars World.
According to Davis, an idea of open-world where you can drive a car and play in football came to them immediately.


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