west nile virus

The first human case affected by West Nile Virus is confirmed in Toronto, capital of Ontario. West Nile is a disease that usually seen in birds. When a mosquito bites a bird affected by this virus and then bite human beings will lead to cause the West Nile disease.

Toronto government has warned the public of city to prevent mosquito bites and take prevention regarding this. They state that being away from mosquito bites can only prevent from getting affected by the virus.

Dr. Christine Navarro, Associate Medical Officer of Health at Toronto Public Health, informed to Global News, “Up until August 19th, there have been 14 reported cases in the province of Ontario.”

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According to the report from the health department, when a person is affected by the virus the symptoms are not observed immediately. They are only noticed in two to 15 days of time span. It is very is a condition that symptoms are identified in the affected person.

West Nile Virus Symptoms:

Noticing the symptoms is primary task here. Common symptoms comprise fever, headache, body ache, swollen lymph glands, nausea, vomiting, and rashes. While more serious level symptoms include a high fever, muscle weakness, stiff neck, tremors, numbness, and an unanticipated sensitivity to light.

West Nile Virus Prevention methods:

Necessary West Nile Virus prevention like having mosquito nets, sprays are preferable. Toronto government suggests wearing light-colored, long-sleeve shirts and pants when going outdoor, to apply insect repellent consisting DEET, and to avoid stagnant water from the environment where mosquitoes can breed. Making sure that water does not remain stagnant because it is the place where mosquitos breed and spread into homes.

The government has already taken action regarding the safety issues like setting 40 mosquito traps across the city from mid-June to mid-September. Further, the trapped mosquitos are collected and tested in the laboratories to identify the level of effect. The scientist is on work to identify the West Nile virus and cure as soon as possible.

“Based on our current mosquito surveillance what we’re seeing is fewer mosquito pools that are positive, lower mosquito infection rates,” Navarro informed. According to the previous year result, 38 positive mosquito tests and 19 were confirmed human cases of the West Nile virus.


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