Vistara women passengers

Vistara women passengers to get safety assistance: Vistara Airlines is now prioritizing solo women passengers in flights by offering special service to them. The New-Delhi based airlines will now help women passengers with carrying travel bags, offering them window and aisle seats only and escorting them to and from their ground transportation. Vistara claims the first airline to offer a service like this. The airline quotes that 75 out of 100 Vistara women passengers use this service provided complimentary, daily.

The Indian airline has started this service after noticing the women passengers seeking help after plane landing. “Our staff is equipped to help women traveling alone with the booking of airport-authorized taxis, as well as escort them to the airport taxi stand upon their request. This service is a sincere effort to ensure peace of mind of our women customers,” says, Sanjiv Kapoor, Chief strategy, and commercial officer at Vistara Airlines.

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Vistara women passengers can also avail this service on international flights, once the airlines start its global operations. Globally, India has a bad reputation of being unsafe for women. Earlier, the US State Department has cautioned citizens by saying “US citizens, particularly women, are cautioned not to travel alone in India.” Australian authorities and the United Kingdom departments have agreed about the dangers a woman face in India.

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This move from the Vistara airlines to ensure women safety would curb the ongoing sexual assaults on women passengers in flights. However, the Indian government is also making efforts to ensure women safety even in metro trains and buses.

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