Vishu 2017

Happy Vishu to all!!! Today we are celebrating the Vishu festival with all friends and family. But it is very necessary to know the Vishu importance because kids should know our culture and traditions and reason behind celebrating this festival. here we also updating full Vishu phalam 2017 (astrology).

Happy Vishu 2017 Wishes

Vishu Phalam 2017 full

Vishu is the important festival for Kerala people. It is also known as Kerala New year or Malayalam New Year. It occurs on the first day of Malayalam calendar.  The festival falls on first day of the month called Medam. Vishu is the New Year for Kerala people when the sun enters into the Aries zodiac sign in Ashwini Nakshatra time, on that day they will celebrate Vishu. From starting today they will count as New Year. Kerala people believe that that Ravana came to know that he was going to die on next day morning, so he stopped the sun without raising, but due to prayers sun came back on this Vishu day.

Kerala New Year

On this day people follow the tradition of Vishu Kani which means seeing first. According to their belief one’s future is a function of what one experiences, that the New Year will be better if one see wonderful and joyful things as the first thing on Vishu. So on the early morning, they will see the gods face and later on they will decorate the pooja room with money, gold, fruits.

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Vishu Sadya is another important event in the festival. On this, they will have the large feast, and they will prepare special dishes like Vishu kanji, on these children will play with fore works.

സമ്പൂർണ വിഷുഫലം 2017 PDF

Today special pooja will conduct in Sabarimala temple and guruvayur temple 

Vishu Festival Significance

On this day parents and grandparents must tell the Vishu Festival Significance to the children because they are the tomorrow generation. They have to know this Vishu history and reason behind celebrating this festival.

Happy Vishu 2017

We wish this New Year should bring a great phalam & prosperous in your life.


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