Venkatapuram Movie Review TFL

After facing two to three failures, Happy Days fame Raahul, also known as Tyson is back with a crime action thriller this time. As he has been facing flops from Happy Days, the actor kept all his hopes on this movie. The film marked the debut of director Venu Madikanti in the Tollywood. The trailer is average and got a notable response. Another debutant is Mahima Makwana who played the female lead in the movie. Let’s see how the movie is:

Venkatapuram Movie Review:

Movie Name: Venkatapuram

Cast: Raahul, Ajay, Ajay gosh, Mahima Makwana

Director: Venu Madikanti

Producer Shreyas Srinivas

Music: Achu Rajamani

Release date: 12th May 2017

Run Time: 2 hours 9 minutes


Anand (Raahul) is a happy-go-lucky boy who makes a living by delivering pizzas. Chaitra (Mahima Makwana) is a bookworm who just completed schooling and is enjoying the freedom she got by entering the college life. She asks Anand to be her boyfriend for one day to which he accepts. The story took a sharp turn when Chaitra was found dead near a beach later that night. Inspector Durga Prasad (Ajay Ghosh) gets assigned to solve this murder case. The rest of the story revolves around who killed her and how they caught the guilty.

Cast Performance:

Raahul even after facing failures hasn’t given up and proved that he has the capability to act well. His acting in the movie is great, and we can say he improvised his acting skills which are a good point about the film. The female lead Mahima Makwana has a less screen time comparatively. However, her acting is admirable. Ajay Gosh played the role of a serious police officer and did a good job. Ajay, Jogi Naidu, and Kasi Vishwanath are also a part of this film who did their parts well.

Technical Team:

Though he is a debutant, Venu Madikanti executed the story well. He is the all-rounder in the movie who played the roles of director, writer, screenplay, dialogue writer too. His screenplay is just outstanding. The story is very engaging and makes the audience stick to their chairs the entire team. Music by Achu Rajamani is great. His background score made the story even more exciting. The story is a big asset to the film.

Plus Points:

  • Story
  • Screenplay
  • Direction

Minus Points:

  • 1st half & few Violence scenes
  • Dragged Story


The movie kicks off with the murder mystery first and later when going into the details, tells the flashback. All the artists did their best. The tension scenes and the plot twists are placed at the right time and made the story even more exciting. The first half creates so many questions in the audience which make them keep guessing all the time and the second half answers all of them.


Venkatapuram is a good-to-watch and engaging thriller with an interesting plot line. (2.75/5)


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