No wonder VeChain is all set to achieve its target of launching a blockchain network latest by July. All the bugs that previously have affected popular networks were taken care of such that the hackers are unable to steal the important data from the network.

VeChain’s CEO, Sunny Lu was witnessed saying that their platforms bug bounty programmers could not find a single bug or a critical bug in the network. In fact, he is so much sure about the security of the network that he plans to increase the bounty amount up to two times so that hackers can try their wits out and earn if they happen to find any weak point in their network. All of these initiatives are done to take care of all the loopholes in the system. Finding critical bugs can help you earn $20,000 for yourself.

With this, the news is loud and clear that Vechain is all geared up to leave the Ethereum network. After the exit from Ethereum network, VeChain will likely release its own software and set up their own blockchain network for their own good. After the blockchain successfully pulls up its pace, the popular coin of VeChain will finally exit and not be known as an ERC20 token anymore. It is important to note that those who have keen interest in investing in this coin will now witness the coin change its symbol from VEN to VET.

Before this major change takes place, check with your exchange such that you can witness the coin has swiftly moved to VeChain’s new and improved blockchain network. If your coins are listed in popular cryptocurrency exchanges, then the migration will happen automatically.


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