Trump's Immigration Plan

United States New Immigration Plan: US President Donald Trump announces the Merit-based immigration system in support to cut back unskilled immigrants entering US. On Wednesday, the President along with Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue announced the Merit-based Immigration system. Trump announced his support to the new legislative named Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) Act.

The RAISE Act could be an advantage to all the highly educated and technology professional of India. The Act will introduce points-based system to get in to the US rather than the old lottery system for obtaining the Green cards. The new Act will change the current system of providing Green cards to nationals from other countries. It will also reduce poverty, increase salaries and save taxpayers.

The Merit-based immigration adoption is similar to that of Canada and Australia which will sharply reduce the legal immigrations by cutting down the Green card issued to a limit of 50,000 refugees per year. The factors that would be taken in to account are good English speaking, financially independent and serving their families and display skills that are important for our economy, Trump said addressing the new RAISE Act.

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Senator David Perdue stated that “Today we bring in 1.1 million legal immigrants in a year. More over 50% of our households of legal immigrants today participate in our social welfare system. Right now, only one 1 out of 15 immigrants who come into our country come in with skills that are employable. We’ve got to change that,”

The RAISE Act will help us bring best and bright talent around the world, making it difficult to enter US illegally and making our country much safer and stronger. Trump has signed a bill which imposes new sanctions on Russia for their interruption in 2016 elections. The bill is signed in private also imposes sanctions on countries like Iran and North Korea. While signing the bill he is approving for the sake of National Unity.

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