US Hospital Employee Wins Powerball Lottery of Rs 4860 Crore in US

Mavis Wanczyk, a hospital worker in Massachusetts just got very lucky by winning the jackpot Rs 4860 Crore in an America lottery game. Wanczyk, 53-year-old and a mother of two adult children won $758 million in the history of United States.

Powerball is an American lottery game which is played in 44 states including Washington, D. C., Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin islands. The draw took place in Tallahassee, Florida. Five balls were drawn from a drum containing 69 balls, and one red ball was picked from a drum with 26 balls. To win, players need to pay $2 for a ticket and they can either choose the numbers or let the computer the numbers randomly.

The winner of the lottery, Mavis Wanczyk has worked at Mercy Medical Center for 32 years. She brought the ticket in a store in Chicopee. It was the only ticket that won $758 million by a single ticket in a lottery in US history. As soon as she won the lottery, Wanczyk quits her 32-year-old job.

The winning numbers were are 6, 7, 16, 23, and 26 from white balls, and number 4 from red balls. The retailer who sold the ticket gets $50,000.

According to the Powerball rules, there is a provision to get paid the entire prize money without any taxes but only if the winner chooses to take the money in 30 annual payments.

Lottery officials said Wanczyk chose the lump sum payment of $480 million, but she is not going get the whole money. Federal income taxes will take 25% of the winning amount. Wanczyk reportedly got $336 million after taxes.

Wanczyk said, “The first thing I want to do? I just want to sit back and relax. I had a pipe dream, and my pipe dream has finally come true.” Six other people won $2 million each, and 34 players walked off with $1 million in Powerball drawing.

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