If viewers felt that finally they will witness a happy ending at the end of the season finale, then they are gravely mistaken since it doesn’t begin on a happy note. The whole season is full of uncertainty, instability, and emotional conflicts that keep you wondering until the end. Before the show premiered on March 13 this year, we were left wondering about the happy ending for the Pearson family but not anymore.

This season, let us witness Kate (enacted by Chrissy Metz) and Toby (enacted by Chris Sullivan) finally tie a knot and walk down the aisle hand in hand. The parents rebuked Toby for marrying a girl who is so unstable about their relationship, but he stood strong and supported his love for her. Even the morning of the wedding day led the friends of Kate and all the onlookers to believe that she will vanish from the wedding ceremony and won’t complete her wedding vows because of her disturbed situation. She did vanish in the morning, but was later found speaking to Jack (who is obviously dead), where she wanted to move on and start a new journey with Toby who is completely in love with her.

Unfortunately, after a couple of years, Toby is seen going into deep depression because of Kate since she is still unable to get over Jack’s death and that is really disturbing to witness. In the midst of this, Randall (enacted by Sterling K Brown) managed to crack some jokes and make the gloomy atmosphere that was seeping through the season finale into a happier one.

In the last leg of the second season, the makers of the series again take us further into the distant future, where Randall and Beth’s lovely daughter Tess is now working as a social worker and helping the distraught people around her.

The season ends like it ideally should with a lot of suspense and hopes to have a better ending in the upcoming season that is due to release in September.


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