UPI Offline process

PM Narendra Modi has recently launched the ‘BHIM’ app in a move to push digital payments in India. Essentially, this app is a simple, clutter-free and easy to use for sending and receiving money. Meanwhile, UPI Offline Processes to make or receive payments. You can make or receive payments with the UPI Offline process by linking your mobile number to your bank account. You require an Android smartphone for any UPI-based transactions till now. On the other hand, some offer USSD-based mobile banking for feature phones.

Now, the USSD platform has enhanced the UPI integration with the BHIM app. here we provide you more information on UPI Offline process and more about the upgraded USSD platform.

Complete step-by-step process of using BHIM App for making cash transactions

Steps Explaining in Detail about UPI Offline process:

You get a welcome screen with seven options just after dialing *99#- send money, request money, check balance, my profile, pending requests, transactions, and UPI PIN.

upi offline process

Send Money:

After selecting the ‘send money’ option, you can send money either by entering their mobile number, using IFSC code and account number, choose from already saved beneficiaries, Virtual Payment Address (VPA), or via MMID and mobile number.

The process of transferring money to UPI VPA is quite smooth and simple. Select option ‘1’ in the home menu, to send money. Then choose ‘2’ to enter payment address followed by the payment address of the recipient.

Payment upi offline process

The recipient details will be shown along with his/her name after entering the payment address. Then enter the amount you want to transfer not exceeding Rs 20,000 followed by entering 4-digit UPI PIN in the next step, and hit send.

upi offline process 3

Once the money is sent, it asks you either to save the recipient or exit.

Request Money:

upi offline payment process request money

You can request money by selecting the ‘Request Money’ option from the home screen. Then enter the VPA, followed by the amount in the next screen. This step passes a collect money notification to the recipient.

Check Balance:

This option allows you to check the available balance your bank account. You need to enter the 4-digit UPI PIN to get the account balance on the screen.

upi offline process balance request