dinesh sharma penalty

To avoid education mafia Adityanath– led BJP government in Uttar Pradesh had decided to slap one lakh fine from unrecognized schools. Uttar Pradesh CM also made mandatory for all schools to keep CCTVs and biometric machines for attendance purpose. This help to find recognition from the UP board.

New rules are introduced in the education sector to develop the qualitative growth of education. Many illegal schools are running in Uttar Pradesh as well as in many states. So holder of the schools should be ready to make the school certificated by the state government or be willing to pay the penalty of Rs 1 lakh to the government.

Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Dinesh Sharma who holds the education portfolio announced UP board would recognize the schools which install CCTVs and biometric machine for attendance.

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The minister also said to make the system digital. “UP board will give recognition to schools and colleges after verifying is their CCTVs and biometric machines installed.” The minister had already initiated a group in each district they will visit each school and verify and submit the report to UP board. It is implemented to avoid mafia and corruption over education in the state.

Many schools are running illegally without getting certificated by the state government. So the government had decided to impose a penalty of 1 Lakh to all those schools. State schools which are running by local authorities or following Right to free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 are exempted from these rules.

The order says “As per the order, the government will have right to take away the recognition of any school that disobeys the provisions of the RTE Act.” “Recognition of such schools will be terminated without seeking any explanation,” the order states