Comparison of the Best 4G Unlimited Internet Data Plans : Pick the Best One That Suits You

The usage of Internet in India had rocketed within a short span of time. With the advent of Reliance Jio ‘s Free 4G internet, the number of users using the internet had reached to the next level. In the upcoming years, we can see 5G at affordable prices too.

Reliance Jio had recently announced Jio Prime Prepaid and Postpaid plans. These Ultra Low-cost tariff plans had made other telcos to cut their recharge plans to stay in the competition. The Impact of Jio had created the tug of war competition between the network operators.

Let us see the comparison of Unlimited 4G offers by Airtel, RJio, Idea, and Vodafone

Reliance Jio 4G Prime Plans

Jio 4G unlimited Pre-paid Plan:

Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Jio under the Jio Prime prepaid plan offers 28GB of 4G data for Rs. 303+ Rs 99. This offer will be valid for 28 days from the time of Recharge. Data usage is limited to 1GB per day. You can find the full list of Jio Prime Prepaid plans here

Jio 4G Unlimited Postpaid Plan

With the same Rs.303 + Rs.99 postpaid plan the Jio Prime postpaid users get 30GB of 4G data along with unlimited SMS. Users under this plan can avail 1GB of 4G data per day. Validity will be one billing cycle.Check out the detailed listing of Jio Prime Postpaid plans.

Airtel Unlimited 4G Plans

Airtel 4G Prepaid plan :

Bharti Airtel provides 28 GB of 4G data for Rs 345 with validity period of 28 days. FUP will be 500 MB in day time and 500 MB from 12 am to 6 am. The Airtel 4G Rc 549 prepaid plan comes users will be provided with a 28 GB data per 28 days with 1GB FUP per day. The only thing that varies with the prior plan is the FUP limit. Both the 4G Prepaid plans of Airtel are valid for 28 days.

Airtel 4G Unlimited for Post-paid users :

Starting from March 13 Airtel will be rolling out free data to all its post-paid customers on the occasion of being rated as the best 4G provider by Ookla. No details regarding the call or data caps are been released officially. The data limit for the post-paid users will be updated in the Airtel mobile application.

Vodafone 4G Internet plan:

To give other networks a tough competition in the 4G market Vodafone has launched the Rs. 346 recharge pack. Users who recharge with RC 346 would get 28GB of 4G mobile data. Besides the data, Vodafone also offers unlimited free calls. Vodafone Users after 1GB of data usage will be charged for the rest of data used on the same day.

Idea Unlimited 4G data plan:

Idea cellular network is offering Unlimited 4G data for Rs 348. Under this plan, Idea users would get 500MB of high-speed 4G data per day along with unlimited free calls. A monthly limit of 14 GB is set per user.










Daily FUP




Reliance Jio Prime



Rs. 99 + Rs. 303  





28 days



Rs. 99 + Rs. 303 30GB  


1 billing cycle



Rs. 345




500MB Day + 500MB (12am to 6am)


28 days


Rs .549






28 days

























To enjoy the 4G high-speed Internet users have to use a 4G smartphone along with a 4G Sim. The above tariffs can be changed as per the wish of the network operators. Do check with your operator before recharging.