First of all, I am very glad to share some information about our dynamic leader on occasion of her 99th birth anniversary. She is the first lady prime minister of India who is the inspiration for many women in our country. Indira is the perfect example of women empowerment.

Apart from the great leader, she is the great woman who has done a lot for the people’s welfare. All girls have many dreams in their life, but a girl named Indira Priya Darshini sacrificed all her happiness for country’s welfare. She stands as iron pillar when the country is in precarious positions, after the death of his father being a lady she successfully ruled the country.

In our country, women are born to get harassed, teased by the society, even Indira Gandhi is not out of it. She has faced many challenges, insults in her political career. Many people commented her in many ways like she got married to an inter-religion person, after becoming Prime Minister Society talks at her back about widow becomes a leader. But crossing all barriers, she became a strong leader to build the strong nation.

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Unknown facts

  • She is born in a Mughal family. In her ancestors, Ghiyasuddin Ghazi has adopted a Hindu name, Gangadhar Nehru. From that day onwards their family is continuing with the name of Nehru.
  • Indira Priya Darshini was born in the year 1917 on November 19th. She is the only loving daughter of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

  • When she is in childhood, she formed a monkey brigade to escape from britishers by getting inspired from Ramayana
  • At her young age, she felt very lonely at her house, and finally she fell in love with Feroz Khan who is a wine seller

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  • Indira Gandhi changed her name as Maimuna Begum and married Feroz Gandhi at the mosque in London. Later Nehru changed the Feroz Khan Surname as Gandhi, and finally, he became Feroz Gandhi, and Indira Nehru became Indira Gandhi and they married again in Hindu tradition

  • Rajiv Gandhi went to Italy for studies, and there he married an Italian girl named Antonia Maino and after marriage, she changed her name as Sonia

  • Sanjay Gandhi has died in the mysterious flight accident. After listening death news of Sanjay Gandhi the first question of Indira Gandhi is where the keys and watch are, these questions seem to be mysterious until now.

  • Rajiv Gandhi died in the case of suicide bombing in 1991
  • On October 31st, 1984 at 9:20 she got shooted by her own guards and finally India lost a great leader
  • From 2013 onwards on occasion of her birthday we are celebrating National Integration Day