H-1B VIsa

H-1B visa: The United States of America has resumed the processing of H-1B premium visas. This move by the US has brought slight relief to the techies all over the world, especially from the sub-continent.The fast processing of H-1B visas has been halted by the US President Donald Trump. After five months of suspension, the visa processing has been resumed by the US Citizenship & Immigration services USCIS much to the delight of foreign workers.

Reason for Temporary Suspension

The main reason for the temporary suspension of H-1B premium visas is to restrict the overflow of applications, as officials struggled to handle the rush. This move Donald Trump is also indirectly to control the foreign tech workers entering into the US, thereby minimizing the employment opportunities of local techies.

This temporary halt of Tatkal H-1B visas has mainly affected Indian techies. Since 70% of the premium H-1B visa issuances are to the Indians every year. From Monday the USCIS has started the premium processing of H-1B visa applications for the financial year 2018. The Tatkaal H-1B visa service is only available for pending petitions, not new submissions, since USCIS received enough petitions in April to meet the FY 2018 cap

According to a press release, the US Congress mandated cap is of 65,000 H-1B visas with an extra 20,000 visas for those who have gone through a US college system.

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