The United States continues to assist, support, and encourage the combined efforts made by partnering with Saudi with reference to the Yemen war.

The news was out on Tuesday when Jim Mattis, the Defense Secretary revealed his thoughts about continuously offering support to the combined actions and efforts by the coalition, which is collectively led by Saudi. The efforts are means to fight against Houthi rebellions in the war at Yemen.

Though there is a slight uncertainty about the civilian casualties and also unanswered questions regarding Saudi’s decision of firing and causing fatal harm to the innocent people, the Defense Secretary at Washington announced the interest of continuing to lend its helping hand.

It was all reported at the rare pentagon news conference. Jim Mattis added on to justify its decision of supporting the Saudi coalition. The manner of defending his words clearly communicated everything about the idea and step taken by the United States. How did he defend?

He said that the way and the impact of the influence that America made on the Arab air campaign worked out really well. He also mentioned that the influence managed to bring down the acts of exploding bombs and targeting the civilians to a greater extent.

The US is extending its complete support towards Saudi alliance to win the war and it is something great to know. But, every story has a twist. Along with support, the United States has also raised a condition on which the backing relies.

Saudi is ordered to commit itself to good conduct. It is conditioned to inculcate and awaken humanity and carry out as humanly actions as possible. With this, the United States focuses on achieving minimized loss of lives. Well, none of us would encourage harmful and fatal situations to be faced by innocent public.            


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