Man Climbs Trees Upside Down In Just Five Minutes; Check out

Have you heard that a man can climb trees upside down? Yes, it is true, there is a man who is obsessed with climbing trees in reverse. He is none other than a 32-year old Mukesh Kumar. After getting injured many times, he has become a master in climbing trees in upside down position.

In a recent interview, he shares, “When I was 13 years old, I have started climbing the trees in reverse and upside down position. It is very normal to climb a tree in a straight position. But I thought climbing it backward will make me different from others.”

Recalling the initial days, Mukesh said, “Initially, I was able to climb only two to three feet. But like Practice makes man perfect saying, I rigorously worked with passion, and now I can climb tall trees, without any problem.”

He did all this with an aim to enter into record books and to make his family proud and quite popular in the country. “I want my name to be in Guinness World Records.”

Mukesh works as a construction worker and earns just $5 per day. He thought that this unusual passion and act on him make him famous and also help him to earn more money. He belongs to a middle-class family, which runs with the very limited amount and his wife struggles to manage everything with less money. He got married six years ago. Mr. Kumar stated that he want an aid from the government to make his aim of setting a record by climbing 100 feet in upside down possible. Mukesh has so far climbed trees that are 70 feet high.

“So far, I climbed trees, which are 70 feet high. Now, I am looking for more taller trees to fulfill my dream,” he shares. He usually climbs 50 feet high trees in just five minutes time. We wish you all the best Mukesh. You will achieve your target.


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