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Twitter, mini blog, and social network service has recently announced new features for improving their direct messages. This feature is geared up towards the brands who use the platform for the customer service interactions.

For enhancing the conversational experience between the individual and businesses, two new features are enabled. When the welcome messages and quick replies are triggered, then businesses can guide users towards better outcomes.

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By including these new features, businesses can create the responsive and rich experiences which will make the work of the customer service teams much easier. It also builds the possibilities on how the people engage with the businesses on Twitter.

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Ian Cairns, Senior Product Manager, mentioned in the official Twitter blog says “When quick replies and welcome messages are used together, businesses can reduce wait times and educate people on the best ways to interact with them. ” For example, these features will enable the faster resolutions by helping the customers more easily and provide the information to solve the problems before the service team sees the first message, or they can simplify the automated services and the transactional flows that were difficult in the past.

These welcomes messages will allow the businesses to greet the people as soon as the user enters the DM conversation (Direct Message). Now the businesses have the ability to create multiple welcome messages and deep link to greetings from twitter, apps or the websites. Welcome messages will help the businesses to demonstrate their commitment levels towards a service and also inform people about the opinions which exist to engage with a business.

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The quick replies will allow the businesses for prompt the individuals in the best ways to reply to the Direct Messages. The business profiles will guide you to enter the specific test values or choose from the list of options. The quick replies are more like the multiple choice answers, where the customer can select to respond to the direct message.

Currently, this features of welcome messages and quick replies are not available on the Twitter’s dashboard but through its developer API.


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