Twitter India Shares Top 10 Events of 2016

Twitter India has released the top 10 events of 2016 and stated these are most –popular events happened in the country. A year is a combination of good and bad days, some are exciting and happy, some are sad and disgusting. So Twitter gathered all events and selected best 10 events happened in this year.

In this top 10 events, demonetization is recorded as top 1, it is the most discussed topic of the year, Rio Olympics and Ind vs. pak match has occupied next positions.

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  1. Demonetization scheme: Narendra Modi’s demonetization scheme is the most popular discussed topic in India. We all know about banning of Rs 500 and 1000 rupees notes, it created sensation in the county. About 650,000 Tweets are recorded in 24 hours following the announcement and millions more Tweets in the following weeks.
  2. Women Athletes at Rio 2016: All Indians United on Twitter to congratulate the winners of athletes during #Rio2016. The winners of Olympics Sindhu, Sakshi, and Dipa rise as global figures beating the odds and excelling at sports, consecutively emerging as an inspiration to millions of women around the world.
  3. India vs. pak at WT20: On March 19th India vs. Pak match has conducted, it was the trending news for the whole day. In one day, more than 1.1 million tweets are recorded. In this game with his fantastic innings, Virat Kohli became the most mentioned player on Twitter
  4. Delhi Pollution: A great movement was started between the people to decrease the pollution in the capital city of Delhi. Many people shared their feelings, problems and photos about the pollution-filled city.
  5. India Celebrates Diwali: Diwali is the most trending topic in India. People have shared wishes, images, and videos of sweets, fire crackers, and festive clothes in the month of October to November
  6. India vs. Australia: On March, 27th match is conducted between India and Australia. Kohli scored about 47 runs in the last five overs by hitting seven boundaries and a six, and the moment he hit the winning runs to secure India’s passage to the semi-finals was the most-Tweeted moment of #WT20
  7. International day of yoga: The second international day of yoga is celebrated on June 21st 2016. The customized asana emoji is delight for the people for celebrating this day
  8. Global citizen of India: In the month of November, popular band Coldplay and American hip-hop artist Jay-Z performed for the first time in India as part of the Global Citizen Festival India 2016 in Mumbai. It also became one of the top trends of the year
  9. Ganesh Chaturthi: India celebrated the Ganesh Chaturthi festival on a grand scale. People has shared colorful images, greetings, photos and videos on Twitter. For the first time Twitter India has released Ganesh emoji
  10. Filmfare awards: 61st Filmfare Awards became the one of the top trending news on the twitter. So many people followed the live telecast on the Twitter


Golden tweet of the year: Twitter India has announced the golden tweet of the year 2016 which is the most retweeted post. In the month of March Indian famous cricketer Virat kohli have posted a tweet about trolling Indian actress Anushka Sharma. He tweeted as Shame on people for trolling Anushka Sharma nonstop. He said she has always only given me positivity. Many of these followers have appreciated the tweet of Kohli for supporting women. This post became viral on the Twitter and became the golden tweet of the year

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