Did you got DM (DirectMessage) from your Crush or have you sent any DM to your Crush? This is the trending news that was doing around this day. The top microblogging site, ‘Twitter’ is in matchmaking mood that encouraging the users to Direct Message their crushes.

#DMYourCrushDay is now trending on Twitter and mostly everyone is lamenting about the lack of DM’s that they are getting. The anonymous Twitter user has been declared #DMYourCrushDay on 1st November, and Twitter is also rejoicing the celebration.

This trending topic encourages the users to shoot their digital shot by sending the DirectMessage to admirers, and it hopes that Twitter is leading some sort of love connection. It sounds crazy right!!! But it seems like it is the coolest idea to send DM to your crush on this CrushDay.

Everyone with the Twitter account is anxiously anticipating with the DM notification. Besides all this, it shows some sort of happiness to express your interest in someone. Just a DirectMessage (DM) filled with hilarious reactions and funny unfortunate rejections.

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With this hot trending #DMYourCrushDay, you can turn your regular day with the extraordinary day if you’re lucky. Some decide not to talk with them, some feel too scared to try, and most haven’t got any messages and those who tried in the past they have set to blocked LOL!!!

Isn’t it really interesting? Don’t worry guys this is strangely enough but entirely possible, celebrate the CrushDay and give a try to send DM to your Crush. The try of tweeting about it, maybe you can get more friends and followers, hope so.

Take a glance at some of the hilarious reaction to #DMYourCrushDay from below and let us know if you are also starting in anyone’s DM.



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