True Balance Report: In a recent report, over 56 percent of Indian mobile internet users from smartphones have found offline at least once a day. Amidst the massive growth observed in the mobile data usage from the past eight months, the results found poor. A recent report by True Balance application states the poor connectivity of mobile phones in India. Surprisingly, over 11 percent of the smartphone users stay offline for more than 24 hours.

“We have found that across India, the connections are patchy and users often find gaps in network coverage depending on their location. This is why despite the mobile data usage in the country increased significantly, there is still a prevalence of users found experiencing an offline state in a day,” said Alex Suh, General Director of Data Analysis, True Balance.

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Data usage has observed a raise in the graph in the past eight months due the price war between telecos. The operators have provided unlimited data tariff plans at a very competitive price. Yet, the True Balance application reveals that major stake among 56 percent smartphone users stay offline for more than 24 hours.

Also, the report unveils that the users who use the mobile data online for 24-hours have increased to 44 percent. Which, the stake was only around 7 percent as of July 2016.

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