CIBIL India research reports state that credit card usage in India is high for discretionary spends like shopping. The CIBIL India report says that only 1 of 4 users are particular about using their credit card calculatedly.

Every 9 out of 10 card users are aware that non-payment or delay of credit card bills will impact negatively on their CIBIL score and report.

77% (3 out of 4) respondents are aware that “settlements” are viewed negatively by lenders

44% respondents have not much familiar about how credit scores are calculated

33% are in doubt about the importance and benefits of paying more than the minimum amount due on their credit card bills

79% of respondents induce their card dues in full

6% pay much more than the minimum due but not the full balance

7% pay off slightly more than the minimum due but not the full balance

8% pay only the minimum amount due

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Out Of 1,100 respondents:

93% respondents use their credit card for shopping

77% use the card for booking travel tickets

76% spend on entertainment with their cards

74% rely on their cards for paying grocery bills

72% use it to pay utility bills

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