Transformers: The Last Knight Movie Review

Transformers: The Last Knight Movie Review :The Transformers series till know has been Michael’s favorite money making asset. Similar to how Salman Khan movies work in Bollywood, in the same way, Transformers movie has always made a huge amount at the box office, always ignoring the critical reviews. But this time the fifth franchise installment of Transformers: The Last Knight has reversed the scene. Check out our Transformers 5 Movie review along with Transformers 5 rating.

Transformers: The last knight, brought back Mark Wahlberg as the lead role from the previous versions. The film also features Anthony Hopkins, Laura Haddock, John Turturro and Josh Duhamel in pivotal roles. This Science Fiction film / Thriller film is directed by Michael Bay. This high budget (approximately 1300 crores) film is produced by Don Murphy, Ian Bryce, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, and  Tom DeSanto. Check here Transformers 5: The Last Knight movie review and rating:

Transformers: The Last Knight Review Cast & Crew:

  • Movie Name: Transformers: The Last Knight Review
  • Genre: Science Fiction film /Thriller.
  • Cast:  Isabela Moner, Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins, Peter Cullen, Josh Duhamel,
  • Director: Michael Bay
  • Music Director: Steve Jablonsky
  • Producer: Don Murphy, Ian Bryce, Lorenzo di Bonaventura.
  • Release Date:30-06-17
  • Runtime: 2 hr 29 min

Transformers: The Last Knight Review Story Plot & Review:


Quintessa is a Cybertronian Witch who has an aim to destroy the earth (known as Unicron) and place their kingdom in the land to make it a Cybertron. Transformer Steelbane is killed unexpectedly by a transformer reaction force (TRF) Mecha. Before he dies, he installs a talisman in Cade Yeager’s body.

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Cade Yeager is then brought to Sir Edmund Burton by the latter’s Transformer representative Cogman. Burton is the last member to live in ancient Witwiccan order. Burton knows the history of Transformers on Earth, but he is dedicated to maintain it as a secret. Burton’s Autobot Hot Rod is sentenced to kidnap Viviane Wembly who is a professor at Oxford University. Burton reveals everything to Viviane and Cade, about the King Arthur’s Witch Merlin who gave her, his staff (known as a powerful weapon)  to destroy the earth.

So, from that time Viviane, Cogman and Cade Yeager set off in finding Merlin’s powerful weapon which lies in a ship which was sunken deep in the sea and his sunken ship belongs to Cybertronian Knight. Will the three be able to find the Unimaginable powerful weapon (Staff)?? Will they be able to save the planet Earth from Cybertron?

Transformers: The Last Knight Review & Performance:

Cast Performance:

Anthony Hopkins an award winning actor as Edmund is joyful to watch. He with his performance gave life to the role. This is the character that everyone will remember even after years. Mark Wahlberg gave a reprising performance from the Age of Extinction. He gave a real life Performance as Cade Yeager. Laura Haddock as Viviane and Isabela Moner as Izabela is impressive.

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Technical Aspects:

Michael Bay made an unchangeable mistake of introducing many additional characters in the script.  But these are required to prolong the movie, which made boring. But the background and main music by  Steve Jablonsky exactly got sunk along with the film. And the Direction of photography by  Jonathan Sela made a beautiful technical front.

Transformers: The Last Knight Rating & Highlights

Plus Points:

  • Performance
  • Casting

Minus Points:

  • Unnecessary characters.
  • Unnecessary subplots.
  • Lengthy movie.
  • Action scene in the end.

Transformers 5: The Last Knight Rating: 1.5/5


Transformer 5 is lovable only to children, as it contains the robots fighting with each other all the time for no damn reason. It also has a severe overdose of CGI characters which made the people catch their head. But one can watch the movie for Anthony Hopkins Performance. One word for Transformers The Last Knight film review is “Not Impressive.” One can watch movie if you don’t have any other go and for your kids.

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