TRAI issues new 512 mbps speed

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued the draft guidelines for broadband service providers.The latest act is to ensure the depressing speed of 512 kbps would be considered as Broadband Internet in India.

TRAI which is a nodal agency for everything related to Telecom services in India has finally redefined the minimum broadband speed in India.

According to the reports of TRAI, any service that is offering, ‘broadband internet’ have to offer the speed of 512kbps strictly. This newly announced speed is double the 256 kbps which were mandated earlier.

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TRAI says, “Broadband is a data connection that can support interactive services including Internet access and has the capability of the minimum download speed of 512kbps to an individual subscriber.”

Compared to other countries like South Korea, a tiny country offers the average internet speed of around 29Mbps. Another small country Norway offers 21.3Mbps, and in the Czech Republic, the average speed is about 17.8Mbps. But in India, the average internet speed is 2.5Mbps which are lower than in the countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.

In fact, India has the slowest broadband speed in the entire Asia Pacific region. There is disappointing news for the people in India.

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Last year, TRAI floated a consultation paper regarding finalized minimum broadband speed in India. And now they finalized the 512 kbps as minimum broadband speed. Many telecom networks had written to Telecom authority about minimized internet speed and also mentioned that in result they might face heavy losses.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India didn’t change the 512kbps minimum speed, and neither increased to 1Mbps which was what needed for a fast growing country like India. In its directive issued on 11th October, TRAI says that the internet service providers will have to guarantee that the speed of fixed broadband should not dip under 512kbps in any circumstance.

So from now onwards the minimum broadband speed in India remains 512kbps, and the country stays in the slow lane.


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