In 2018 All-Star NBA Game, the team LeBron’s new coach will be Dwane Casey (head coach of Toronto Raptors) and his crew members. For the first time, Casey and staff have got this wondrous opportunity of All-Star game coaching after its ravishing victory with 123-111 over the Lakers of Los Angeles.

Casey while giving interview said that it’s a huge honor to coach the NBA team. But, this is entirely for the organization. Raptors have grabbed and made a wonderful record and marked a glorious win.

Casey said that in Toronto, they will have a special talk about the weekend. In this special discussion, they will put light on their program, strategy, and what their action will be. He said that they will never lose their focus from the mission. Getting victory is not that easy; everyone’s collaboration is important. They will keep everything under their control till the end of this season, said Casey.

For 2018 new format, each coach of All-Star Game will lead and guide the teams having same conference captains. The team that Casey and staff will coach will have LeBron James (of Cleveland Cavaliers) as a caption.

Team Stephen will progress under the coaching of Mike D’Antoni (head coach of Houston Rockets) & staff and the captain will be Stephen Curry (of Golden State Warriors).

Casey is a well-known coach of Toronto, and has given considerable time to it. In all the earlier four seasons, the Raptors took the valuable guidance of Casey. And, those four seasons have become the memorable winning years in the franchise history. This time, Casey will coach his team against two All-Star selections of Toronto, Kyle Lowry, and DeMar DeRozan. Both these are a part of Team Stephen, which will contribute their part in All-Star Game in Los Angeles on Feb. 18.


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