Top 50 Ranked Universities

The Universities which are under the top 50 ranks or the ones with an NAAC score 3.5 are completely autonomous. Those universities can demand funding from the central as well as private agencies. The varsities can start new departments or new courses without taking any approval. They can appoint the foreign faculties up to 20 percent or admit international students up to 20 percent.

Top 50 universities no need to ask permission from the government to add or remove courses to their universities. According to the latest move of the University Grants Commission (UGC), the universities which fail to enter into top 50 ranks of the National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF) for two consecutive years or the varsities which have NAAC score of 3.5 or above will come under category 1. The universities with NAAC score of 3.01-3.49 or NIRF ranking 51 to 100 for two consecutive years comes under category 2 and will have limited autonomy.

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The university which fails to enter into category 1 and 2 will have no autonomy; they have to follow the government rules. Ans the universities with a poor rating and does not buck up in 5 years will move it to Category 3. An academic of the panel stated that “UGC wants to give greater autonomy to universities, especially in starting courses, hiring and admitting students, but only to the best institutes. Currently, there is no grading mechanism to decide this.”


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