Tinder is a dating app that was launched back in 2012. The app allows users to swipe and like the profiles of other users. The profiles will be displayed and linked with user’s Facebook account. It is mostly considered as a hookup app. The developers of the app have recently launched another version of the same app called ‘Tinder U’ for college students.

The app has similar features to that of the old version. But, what the users can experience additionally are more filters that can make the college life of the students more engaging and interesting. From the past usage of the app, the developers noticed that most of the app users are in the age group of 18-24 and that’s the reason why they have expanded their growth towards a more updated and centralized app.

Tinder U will allow students to login through their .edu email. A verification email will be sent to their mail to verify their account. Once the verification is done, they will be able to use it just like the regular Tinder app with minute changes in its user interface.

The app is made available only for the iOS users. It seems like a long wait for the Android users. With Tinder U, students will now be able to make more friends. Since most of the users of Tinder are students, it makes more sense to develop a centralized app that is more focused only on college students and campus life. Well, if you are using this app from a U.S university, you will be able to expand your friend’s list to other states as well.

Users will be easily able to switch between the regular Tinder app and Tinder U. Older people cannot make use of the U app because during the registration process through your .edu mail id, your college or school logo will be displayed on top of your Tinder U profile.


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