Grammy award winner Justin Timberlake is slated to make a comeback on the Super Bowl stage with his new album Man of the Woods. What’s making news recently out of it is the now infamous Janet Jackson ‘nipplegate’ scandal, which some call as a Wardrobe malfunction.

Hashtag: #Justior Janet is already in trend following American Singer-Songwriter’s accidental mistake of exposing Jackson’s breast 14 years ago.

This is not new in the field of arts and music or entertainment. Whether you call it a wardrobe malfunction or an intentional exposure or some cheap stunt, one moves forward erasing the past incidents.

The demand for justice to Jackson is catching up fire again as it seems like Timberlake has not publicly apologized for the incident, which led to a free-fall in her career in the past, though she has been touring recently. A recent radio interview with Zane Lowe in Beats 1 Radio implies the past issues resolved with Jackson. This has led to some positive feedback in support of this Grammy winner American superstar.

Having accepted his misstep, Jackson doesn’t feel like looking back and rather presents an optimistic and prudent vision of moving forward by learning from the past incidents.

NFL recently confirmed saying Janet Jackson was not banned from Super Bowl despite ‘Nipplegate’. There is still no response from Janet Jackson’s representatives following the request of media.

Timberlake also laid some insights into his lack of collaboration with Pharell Williams since his debut album Justified during the radio Interview.


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