According to NFL’s current catch rule, the league was perfectly under the rules to take away Jesse James match winning touchdown on Sunday. A lot of unanswered questions are still there, but the outcome of the review was perfectly correct and according the rules. People are still not happy with the catch rule and demand that NFL fixes it. Here are three options in which the much hated catch rule can actually be fixed:

  1. The Evolution:

NFL catch rules aren’t perfect, but they have evolved over time depending upon the in-game match situations. But, the rules can’t actually address all possible in-game situations. Therefore, the league should be proactive in rule monitoring and make changes regularly depending upon new in-game catching situations.

  1. The De-Evolution:

The catch rule of the league is a little too complicated. All the changes made to it have made it into some sort of over-fit model. A lot of refs take a lot of time, but the game needs speed in decisions. The current system for replay allows referees to rule a big play, a touchdown on field of a turnover and this creates and automatic review system, but finally the decisions on the field get upheld in case of ties. The widespread confusion and unpopularity of the catch rule clearly means that a new set of rules need to be implemented and all old rules should be discarded.

  1. The Revolution:

A lot of people feel that the catch rule should be revolving around common sense. Both fans and players have seen enough football games to know whether a catch was taken or not. The gameplays in the league are too quick for a referee to properly judge it in real time and frame by frame replay shouldn’t be used for judging something that happened really quickly and overturn a catch due to a slight budge. Therefore, instead of keeping a video system, a committee that is watching the match could be used to decide whether it was a catch or not.

The NFL catch rule has caused a lot of controversial reversals and neither the fans nor the players are happy with it. It needs to change and NFL needs to take proactive action soon.