Prakash Javadekar

Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister on Tuesday mentioned at the Lok Sabha that, all the engineering students all over the country should be involved in at least three internships in the period of their course.

“Every student in technical institute should undergo three internships each spanning four to eight weeks before completion of his/her under-graduation course. The responsibility will be on the institute to help students find a suitable industry for the internship,” Javadekar said.

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The Mandate summer Internships has been followed by only some of the reputed Engineering colleges. Without proper Internships, the students leave the colleges with the lack of experience which will be a big disadvantage for the students pursuing graduation.

According to the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) data, HRD Minister brought some facts to lights during the question hour at Rajya Sabha. Prakash Javadekar said, Out of nearly 15.87 lakh students at 10,328 technical institutions, only 6.96 lakh students get job offers through placements. He further added that the students opted for Start-ups and higher studies rather than getting placed. The numbers will have increased if the students take part in placements

The Minister also mentioned that the teachers of engineering courses are necessary to appear for an annual refresher course through SWAYAM portal.

Earlier in March, the Minister announced that only 40% of graduates got placed after graduating from the college. The main reason for the low employability levels is the reduced demand in the industry and lack of skills wanted by the students.

HRD Minister said this scenario helps to improve the number by 40%60% in 5 years. The plan to introduce summer internships for at least 75% of the engineering graduates to make them “Industry ready.”