The Poonam Pandey App Launched :Bold actress Poonam Pandey is well known for her fame in social media. Though the actress doesn’t have established in Bollywood, she gains all attraction of her fans with a single tweet. Now, the sizzling hot beauty has launched The Poonam Pandey app to enhance her fan engagement.

Poonam Pandey’s performance in Nasha is truly a feast for all her fans. Now, with the launch of this app, fans of Poonam Pandey are expecting explicit content. The controversial star was highlighted with her tweets that she would strip for team India in 2011. Interestingly, the Poonam Pandey topless picture teased on Saturday informed the users about the app launch.

Check out Poonam Pandey’s topless Pic for promoting her New App

Razr Corp and my agency approached me with the idea of creating an app. They gave me full creative freedom to create this app exactly the way I wanted it to be. So, of course, I accepted the challenge. I am very happy with the final product,” said Poonam.

The topless picture of Poonam Pandey which she covers her assets with her hair is too hot to handle. The print on the picture details the launch of the app in both Android and iOS platform. However, fans expect much more naughty stuff in her apart from the hot cleavage teaser. You can also download The Poonam Pandey App from Poonam Pandey’s official website.

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