Texas Jewelry Store

In Texas, an unusual offer is in existence in the name of “Annual Shotgun Wedding Sale this week”. The sale started on Thursday and lasted till Saturday.At Thacker Jewelry in Lubbock, anyone who purchases an engagement ring will get a shotgun or rifle certificate as the gift at LSG Tactical Arms which is a local gun store.

For the past three years, Joe Thacker, owner of this jewelry store has stated that it has made this type of gifting as a kind of habit.

He also added that guns are a part of people’s lives in West Texas. Hence the combination of a ring sale with shotguns is termed as “a natural combination.”

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People and the buyers are enjoying with the wordplay. The old shotgun weddings have got a new look and new type of advertisements. The stores have got a bigger response this year in particular.Approximately the store sold 35 rings in the last year as a promotion.

Texas Jewelry Store offers gun for ring

Joe Thacker is anticipating of crossing the sales of the last year. As per the reports the stores has already reached four times increment when compared to the response of the last year.

This deal is unheard in other parts of the country. The only reason is that the offer best fit in this region. After all, Texas is all about Guns and shots.

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LSG Tactical Arms manager, Steve Burns stated that most guys who grew in Texas especially, are familiar while hunting or at least exposed to hunting.

Texas citizens are familiar of hunting either by their family, or by their friends, or by social groups. Therefore it’s very natural for the Texas people.


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