lucid air tesla rival

The California-based luxury vehicle manufacturer Lucid Motors has introduced its first ever expensive electric car “ Lucid Air ” into the market, and this beautiful car can be a tough rival to Tesla and many other luxury cars.

Just after the launch of Chevrolet Bolt, US-Built affordable electric car, now Lucid Motors which is Arizona-based manufacturing company has launched its expensive electric sedan “Air” to compete with rivals.

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The Lucid Air is luxurious, spacious and electric. Lucid Motors yesterday unveiled the luxury sedan which is powered with 300 miles per charge battery, 1000 horsepower with a sticker price of about $85000.

lucid air from-lucid-motors

The Lucid Air is not only a rival to Tesla Model S but also gives a tough competition to luxury cars like the BMW 7 Series and the Porsche Panamera Executive. The car appeared with a price tag of about $85,000. Lucid Motors is giving a tough competition to electric car makers and especially to Tesla in the market. Most of the automobile makers are looking forward to coming up with best models in the electric segment.

We expect that deliveries will start officially in 2018 and it gives a chilling experience to luxury vehicle owners not only in look but also in riding. It offers 1000hp which is more than a McLaren p1.Lucid Motors says, Air will catch the 100km/h in just 2.5 seconds, and it has a chargeable battery which gives you the ride of more than 400 miles. That is a better range than any plug-in car currently on sale anywhere.

Why is Lucid Air a Competitor to Luxury Sedans?

The car has good looking interiors with a lot of features. Especially the interior of the vehicle is very spacious, and the rear seats offer 55 degrees of stretch out and the sort of leg space that usually requires picking for a long wheel base car.

The company has put more concentration on batteries rather than an engine and transmission. Of course, it couldn’t be comparable with a BMW or Tesla if it didn’t come with self-directed brilliance.

The company says the car will be autonomous ready and its competencies will continually improve via over the air software updates. If Lucid can offer all of these promises what it says, then $100,000 is a very reasonable price. Moreover, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Mercedes are also looking to come up with their own EV models.


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