We all know that Tesla is building cars with Self-driving technology. Back in October, the car maker has announced the vehicles will be equipped which allows self-driving. Now, Tesla has released few additional footages which show what the car itself sees as it drives on their own.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted a new video of how the self-driving car works in action. The video demonstrates a passenger is sitting in the driver’s seat and the car navigates as per traffic, stop lights, and other road conditions before it parks itself.

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The video shows off the view from the car’s interior. The video also explains about what the car’s left rear, medium range, and right rear cameras are seeing.

A tornado of colors exposes what the car is ‘seeing’ lane lines and motion, and colored boxes for “in path objects” such as objects, signal lights, and road signs. These boxes highlight other vehicles, people, and other potential hazards which a human driver consider while driving.

According to Tesla, the new cars come packed with an onboard computer with “40 times the computing power of the previous generation” for a better processing of vision, sonar, and radar imagery the vehicle takes in.

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This isn’t a perfect test run, the vehicle slowdowns unnecessarily even for people running by the roadside. For instance, It is uncertain about how well this kind of demo would work in the least favorable conditions like snowy weather or nighttime drives on poor visibility roads.

Though it’s still impressive and the car is adequately aware of its environment. The driver doesn’t need to touch the wheel once, even in relatively complex situations.

 Source: Tesla