Gurbaksh Chahal charged with domestic violence

A San Francisco judge has sentenced Gravity4 founder Gurbaksh Chahal to one-year jail term. The tech founder was accused of attacking a woman in his apartment. However, the judge granted a stay, pending an appeal from the attorney.

It was found that Chahal was guilty in June of violating the probation and was asked to turn over his passport. He transferred the ownership of his company to his sister.

In 2013 Tech CEO has been caught on a surveillance camera kicking his then-girlfriend 117 times in 30 minutes. He also smothered her for 20 seconds. Then Chahal was given three months probation and was fined $500. The video tape was not considered as evidence then.

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However, the judge mentioned that this video tape can be used now, after allegedly assaulting another woman in his apartment. The video may prove that Chahal is a repeated offender and convince the judge for a jail sentence.

The initial guilty plea has received severe criticism on the ad tech company Radium one which removed Chahal from CEO position.

If he is convicted, Chahal would be sentenced two years jail. However the video tape of the accused beating up women will not be disclosed keeping in view to protecting him.


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