The China-based company TCL came out with a prototype of a new foldable smartphone, which is based on a two-fold design. So far, only Samsung and Huawei have brought foldable phones in the market and both of these have models with a single hinge design to make the phone fold in half. TCL is aiming at a completely new experience to provide to its users. The two hinges in the TCL designing folds in the opposite direction, one folding in and the other folding out.

TCL showcases its ambitious and daringly designed prototype at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 tech trade show in February this year. Foldable phones have been a hot topic from past some time, but so far, no one has been able to design it perfectly. It’s the fragility of the foldable screens that has forced both the manufacturers Galaxy and Huawei to keep the external screen small for their Galaxy fold and Mate X respectively. TCL aims to resolve the existing issues with its new designing, but only time will tell if they succeeded in resolving it or created one more potential field for failure with double fold designing.

However, the two-fold design of TCL is based on the Dragon Hinge system, which allows the phone to fold like a book. There is a butterfly hinge to fold in opposite direction and once the phone is completely folded, it looks like a regular but thick smartphone.  On opening, you get a 10-inch massive screen space. A quad-camera is also present on its rear.

The companies are in the process of perfecting the foldable phone technology as it’s considered as the next frontier in phone designing. This way, they aim to double the screen space and when unfolded it will be large enough to read, watch videos, gaming etc. comfortably. So far, the technology is not successful and there’s a real danger of screen damaging looming around, which is keeping the ambitions of the manufacturers in check. However, various phone manufacturers are in the process of trying out new and innovative ways to make it a success.  

TCL’s prototype is an effort in the same direction and if successful it will help it gain buyers’ attention and some brownie points for sure.


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