Tamil Nadu Cops

Chennai police are setting up a mark for the other state cops in using technology. After the successful testing of Face detection software in CCTV cameras, Now Tamil Nadu cops are using a mobile app to scan convict faces.

The new mobile app is built and developed by a Chennai based firm called FaceTagr technologies. The app would scan the faces of suspects and search for them in a database of known offenders. All the process will be carried within a matter of seconds, and details of the convicts will be displayed. The Date base would have details such as his/here antecedents, the number, and nature of cases against him and the list of police stations where they are pending.

The mobile app only takes 10 megabytes (MB) of space on the phone. The database of suspects is stored on an external server and is categorized into 16 categories such as theft, burglary, robbery, and dacoity, etc

Chennai city police commissioner of police A K Viswanathan said that “The database presently includes 12,000 offenders, and the number will be raised to 40,000 soon with the help of the state crime record bureau (SCRB)

“The app works on Android phones, and we are working to introduce it on iOS too soon,” said Vijay Gnanadesikan, director and chief executive officer of FaceTagr, which developed the technology. By using the mobile app, Cops have already cracked five cases. At present the usage of the app is confined to T Nagar Police only, soon it’s gonna be used by all the police across Tamil Nadu.

Citizens of Tamil Nadu are praising the cops for using the advance Technology. They are asking to implement and extend this method by all the police across the nation. Even the criminal database needs to be nationalized.

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