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Richest Diwali 2016 bonus: This businessman sets himself as an example for other Bosses

Any Festival main motive is being happy. This is made true by a Surat-based diamond businessman. Company’s boss Savjibhai Dholakia is popularly called as ‘kaka’ by his employees, is celebrating every Diwali with his staff members. Dholakia comes from Dudhala village in Amreli district.

‘Hare Krishna Exports’ is the name of the organization which has thousands of crores turnover per annum. Workers working in the company are treated as profits earned by the firm and on the occasions like Diwali festival, they are offered with Diwali bonus and gifts.

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These perks and gifts are given to the employees who shown their ability and skills in the work. Mostly, the diamond business consists of the diamond polishing, cutting and other skill related works.


It is said that the Surat based company is spending nearly 51 crores by way of Diwali gifts to its staff. As a part of diwali 2016 bonus, 1,260 cars and 400 flats are obviously worthy of the amount spent. This time a dual celebration for the company is being celebrated. On one side the Diwali festival and on the other, it is marking its Golden Jubilee. The official announcement was made on Tuesday by the company sources in this regard.

In the past too this Surat based businessman has spent 50 crores on an average for gifting his employees. In 2015 there was news that he had gifted 491 cars and 200 flats for his employees. The trend of gifting costly items was started by Dholakia from the year 2011.

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To have a glimpse of him, he started the diamond business with the help of his uncle. His uncle helped him financially by giving hand loan. From then he grew his business by working hard day and night.The business tycoon made values for himself and followed them till date.

He made his son, Dravya also to know the value of money. Dravya was sent to Kochi with an emergency pocket money of Rs. 7,000 and was asked to earn money on his own. This made headlines in the news at that point of time.


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