Data Engineers and Data Scientists is Far Less Than the Demand

Out of all the IT sector jobs, the fields of data scientists, software architects, data engineers, UI (User Interface) and UX ( User Experience ) are the most difficult to fill. The supply of the employees in these departments is less than half of the demand. However, the majority of the fields which have higher demand these days are Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning, Robotics, Social media is only because of the low number of people joining these courses.


An official stated that most of the colleges these days have Java as their only programming language and no other core subject in their curriculum. The skills companies are seeking in the individual are based on the certification courses students undergo after or during graduation outside the college. Most of the students do not even take the classes and come out with the courses that are taught in their colleges. However, the supply of the courses that the colleges are teaching is far more than the demand. So the companies need to hire freshers and train them starting from the basics.

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When a recent hiring report is submitted, it is observed that the need for digital advertisers and content curators are more than the supply. The mentioned fields of Information Technology are the most difficult ones to hire the employees. There are still so many companies in those areas which would get extinct if they fail to recruit the employees.

Experts are predicting that if this situation goes on and the supply is still less than the demand, the people who are in these field gets higher salaries due to the less supply.


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