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The public spat between Comedy Nights with Kapil stars Kapil Sharma, and Sunil Grover is getting worse day by day. It has almost been a month, but the issues are not solved between them. It was said that on a night drunk Kapil Sharma allegedly threw his shoe and Sunil Grover and started badmouthing him.

Without stopping the act, Kapil continued to criticize all the crew members there saying they are equal to trash without him. He claimed that there is no Sunil Grover without Kapil Sharma show.

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Angry Sunil Grover quit the show. He stated that he is acting only to entertain the audience with dignity and he is not that kind of person who will do anything for money. As Sunil left the show, the TRP of the show kept falling.

On this note Comedian, Sunil Pal posted a video on his official Facebook Page. In that video, he pleaded Sunil Grover to calm down and return to the show. He urged Sunil Grover to sort out the things between him and Kapil. Soon after Sunil left the show, Kapil abused his fellow performers Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar in the flight as they started eating their meal before Kapil finished his drinking.

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He reminded that the success the show got this day is the combined effort of both Sunil and Kapil. So even though Kapil is wrong and did something terrible, Pal asked Sunil Grover to forgive him and join the show again as the crew is not only a team but also a family.

Pal praised Kapil in that video saying Kapil is the one who took the show to a whole new level. If the show gets discontinued now, more than 500 families have to suffer. Pal asked not to pay attention to those who say that show can’t run without him.

The audience has publicly admitted that they watch the show only for Dr. Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi(both played by Sunil Grover). Post Grover quit the show it no longer stood at #1 position. Sony Channel gave one month time to restore its original position or else they will have to renew the contract.

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