Instagram is one of the dearest technological best friends for everybody in the world. The all-time trending application is into the news again. But, this time it’s about the brand’s all new and fresh update that is added to its feathers of features. Instagram has disclosed its swift feature which revolves around a sticker, called the Questions sticker. As we know, we can post stories on Instagram, raise polls and let the world know all that you want to. Moving a step forward, the app has now come up with an added sticker exclusively made for Insta stories. This trending feature lets you engage with your followers and involve them in your daily schedule. If you are figuring out on how to use this feature then just update your app and boom you will be able to use this sticker by adding a photo or a video on the background and then adding the sticker on your Insta Stories. Then you can share the responses or send a private message to the one who has asked you a question. You also have a free hand in banning the obnoxious responses by not posting it in Instagram ask me anything story feature.

With the Questions stickers, you can ask your story watcher anything and even start a public discussion like a mini forum. Creating a world of photo sharing and communication within the world of Instagram, the feature lets the users who watch photos and videos posted on your story to directly and immediately ask you questions, say something, comment or type anything of their choice. The comments, feedback or questions get placed at the left corner at the bottom while one or more such responses store next to each other, allowing us to scroll. You can click on the particular question to answer.

Giving security and privacy, utmost importance, Instagram prevents the users from revealing their identity in public comments by marking them anonymous. The update is made available on both iOS and Android platforms. Also, it looks great that out of all the upgrades that the app planned for, 20 were introduced at the beginning of the year and around 8 were released after June. The update seems to take Instagram stories to the next level while Instagram gets more popularity through its stories feature.

Instagram Direct is a branded wing of Instagram which offers direct messaging including one on one replies on stories. Questions stickers are more or less, similar to it but not the same: this sticker helps you keep your audiences intact with your moves and posts and it also helps in engaging your followers and building relationships which play a major role in business or profession.                


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