cattle online

Digital India programme is strengthening day by day. Indians are trying their best to adopt the digitalized India. From tickets booking to paying traffic challan online, every move is getting us closer to the digital India. Recently, Telangana Government unveiled a website on Monday for buying and selling of cattle online.

This latest move replaces the traditional ways of buying and selling of the cattle. The website is named as, which benefits the farmers in Telangana without wasting time and transportation cost on cattle, as they need not be brought to shandies every time.

Website was developed with National Informatics Centre’s support and was launched by Special Chief Secretary, Animal Husbandry, Suresh Chanda, as The New Indian Express reported. Chanda also mentioned, this Pashu Bazaar portal was developed to help farmers to sell their cattle without physically taking them to weekly market.

Animal Husbandry assistant director V Jagannatha Chary saying that the new cattle rules issued by the central government would be applicable to the online sale of the animal too. Farmers can register only five for sale at any time. Each registration in the portal is valid upto 30 days and the following will be removed automatically.

Farmers have the option to sell and buy animals like buffaloes, bullocks, cows, dogs, goats and Sheep. Recently, central government has proposed a unique identity system for cattle in the Supreme Court. The unique identification number consists of all the records of details includes age, breed, sex, lactation, body, height, colour, horn type, etc.


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