Star India Launches New Channel Star Bharat

Star India Private Limited formerly Star Tv India is an Indian media announced to launch new channel ‘Star Bharat’ from August 28, 2017. The channel will start today from 6 pm onwards. The series in the channel will forgo fear and attitude of parents who restrict their children for few things which children love to do.

If you’re one of them than this channel will surely do something that would have a reverse theory for it. In Hindi, it’s written as ‘स्टार भारत.’

In previous few videos shows that parents are stopping their children from seeing few scene like ‘jumping on a sofa,’ ‘diving into the swimming pool’ etc. It means parents should be careful to their children but should not be over protect to certain things. Instead, they have to say not to build such things and try to give a moral out of them and enable to face things in life.

Star Bharat channel aims to showcase inspirational stories and journeys vigorous and fearless people who came up to life by facing all problems. The brands “Bhula Ke Darr, Kuch Alag Kar” make it achieve.

Star Bharat Launch ‘Mat Kar’ is based on powerful insight is how we unknowingly bring many kinds of fears and destroy our mind and how these concerns stop us from fulfilling our dreams. ‘Mat Kar’ refer to pull back factor from nurturing dream, making a life choice, free flowing fun or simply following one’s instincts.

Star India’s team and directed by Shimit Amin of Chak De fame had put a great effort to fulfill the commitment and takes us through various scenarios. Star Bharat’s answer to “Mat Kar” leading to fear is a loud enough to reverberating ‘Bhula De Darr.’


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