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RAMA, the Seventh incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu next to Krishna avatar. Rama, the name itself is divine; it proves when the stones used to make Ramasetu (floating bridge) on water because the name Rama was written on stones.

Rama is an ideal person and a perfect human being; everyone wants a husband and son like Rama. In his life Rama holds only one arrow and one wife, even polygamy is legally accepted at those times, Lord Rama stick to one wife (Sita). They love each other even when they are not together. Sree Rama Navami 2017 Date is on 5th April. You can download the Sri Rama Navami Images along with the Ram Navami Pictures of Rama and Sita in this page.

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India is the land of Festivals and culture; every festival has unique importance and preference. Sri Rama Navami is one of those. The Birthday of Rama is celebrated as Sree Rama Navami. There is a story behind the birth of Rama. The King Dasharatha has three queen consorts namely kaushalya, Sumitra and kaikeyi. The king is blessed with four sons when he performs yajnas with the help of Sage Rishyasringa. Kaushalya gave birth to Rama and Kaikeyi gave birth to Bharata whereas Sumitra blessed with Lakshmana and Shatrughna.

Sri Rama Navami 2017 Wallpapers

Sree Rama Navami is celebrated, through his birth to King Dasharatha and Queen Kausalya. In some places devotees perform Sita Rama Kalyam on this day. The Sri Rama Navami Bhadrachalam is famous among them. People worship Rama on this day by placing Sita Rama pictures in their houses. The best collection of Sri Rama Navami 2017 Wallpapers is presented here; people can share the Ram Navami Pictures on their Facebook and WhatsApp to celebrate with your friend’s group. You can download the Ram Navami Images hd for your desktops and mobiles.

Sri Rama Navami 2017 Wallpapers

Share your wishes with your family and friends with Sri Rama Navami Images and pictures. In this page, you can find the latest Ram Navami Pictures and wallpapers of Rama and Sita.

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Ram Navami Pictures

Ram Navami Images hd

Sree Rama Navami Images

ram navami

sri ram navami images

rama sita images

lord rama images


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