It’s been two years since Sphero; a spherical robotic company had decided to transform its robot ball into more than a toy. The firm had rolled out SPRK, an educational concept for kids to build, improve and develop their coding skills.

Later in the year 2015, the company revamped the earlier edition with Sphero SPRK version with a new look, transparent shell accompanying it with a mobile application. Now Sphero is following up with the second generation of its education-robot ball, naming it as SPRK+. The update is a minor one but still noteworthy upgrade compared to the original version.

SPRK+ was building with a more scratch resistant body, and its single tap to connect feature makes it easier to pair it with smartphones or tablets.

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The new product has a tougher UV coating which makes it suitable for using in the school environment which is also its primary purpose.

The UV coating and the scratch resistant robot ball can with a stand to drops and other situations that could scratch its outer part massively. SPRK+ is also water-resistant much similar to its previous model.

Sphero’s Second generation coding robot

The New Programmable sensors and sounds would bring a fun dimension in learning to code. In addition to these, an improved version of the SPRK Lightning Lab app is made available for iOS, Android devices and desktop browsers. It also features about 150 new learning activities and an improved programming canvas, which makes coding in SPRK+ robots much easier.

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Another important upgrade is the news feed, which highlights the trending content and the social community that allows students and teachers to be more interactive by sharing their activities and lessons.

David Millage, General Manager of Education at Sphero briefed that “If it’s an SPRK day, it’s without a doubt the best day of school for any student. SPRK+ and Lightning Lab teach students valuable skills for the future under the disguise of play,”

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He also added that “Learning is evolving, and we see a transition from consumption to creation in the classroom. Our robots are being used to teach everything from art to physics in a fun and hands-on way that engage students on a new level.”

The SPRK+ is priced at $129 and available on Sphero’s official site, as well as Apple stores and other E-commerce websites like Best Buy and Amazon.


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