sony new teaser

As the Mobile World Congress event comes near, rumours and speculations are common in the tech sphere.

While most of the tech lovers are busy in checking out the all-new Galaxy S9, Nokia, and Xiaomi, Sony has come up with a new teaser. It has been building anticipation among the tech lovers since past few days.

Next week, Sony is going to introduce something at MWC (Mobile World Congress). Sony’s Xperia account has tweeted a new teaser related to its upcoming phone launch. In the teaser, we can observe a bunch of ripples cascading down on a hand. Also, the teaser says that the new launch from Sony would be on 26th February 2018. Since Sony usually launches Mobile phones in this event, one assumes the teaser to be related to Sony Xperia’s new mobile launch.

So, here are few things that we can guess from Xperia’s latest teaser.


Sony has the habit of releasing many phones in a year with the hope that at least one phone would become a massive success. Moreover, they release phones with similar features as their competitors but with one or two minor tweaks.

This time, Sony Xperia has decided to announce its flagship model XZ2 at the Mobile World Congress. Experts assume that this phone might come with 845 Snapdragon processor and a 4k display.


The ripples in the video are similar to the fact that Sony is deviating from the traditional square design that forms its identity. Finally, Xperia has taken the decision to change the shape of the phone to a rounded edge.

Sony Xperia is expected to use a curved screen and a 2.5D glass that is quite flexible and wraps around the edges.

The ripples could also indicate the sound system of Xperia phones. Perhaps, Sony might have plans to deploy Dolby Atmos in its new device.

So, we have to wait to see whether Sony Xperia hits or misses the chance this year.


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